6 Gmail Hacks That Shave Minutes Off Your Day

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Gmail is one of the most prevalent email platforms with 1 Billion monthly active users and can be an incredibly useful tool in one’s everyday life. However, when you are incredibly busy every minute counts and one can get bogged down going through emails and responding.

Here are some hacks to help claim some of those minutes back and use them for something else productive in your day. For more Gmail hacks check out Entrepreneur’s article.

Check Mail Offline

While wi-fi and mobile network coverage is popping up everywhere there are still some spots where you cannot get much coverage. Often these can be places where you are in transit such as the subway or on a plane. To make that time productive you can install the offline Gmail extension for Google Chrome to read your emails offline. Just turn offline mode on while still connected and will download all your emails so you can access them when you go offline.

 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow for you to utilize programs more quickly and effectively with Gmail being no different. Simply turn on keyboard shortcuts in settings and use these instructions to get started. Just be careful not to hit “a” instead of “r” in certain situations.

 Schedule Emails in Advance

When you plan a lunch with a client or potential client and you tell them you will confirm with them the day before, it gets put in your calendar right away (hopefully) but you may not put a reminder to send the email the day before. Download the Chrome extension Boomerang and you can schedule when you want that email to send right after you plan the meeting.

 Unsubscribe from Mass Emails 

Signing up for an email list can mean you get a onetime discount but then you don’t buy anything from that company for another year but they send you two to three emails a day. These emails clog your inbox and you waste time deleting them. Unsubscribing can take time as you must leave the email to go to another website. With Gmail, you can unsubscribe easily by clicking the sender’s email and then the unsubscribe from sender link.

 Target Emails Sent Directly to You

 Email marketers can have deceiving subject lines that make you think the email is being sent directly to you. Typically, an email sent to a group or mailing list is not as important as an email sent directly to just you. To weed these out turn on “Show Indicators” in the settings tab under “General” and your inbox will indicate which emails are just to you and which went to a group or mailing list.

 Canned Responses

If you are constantly sending the same or a similar email, then this Gmail tool will help you get it out quicker and help make sure the correct information is in it every time. Create the email and save it as a “Canned Response.” It will now be available whenever you want to send it without having to retype it.

What is your favorite Gmail hack? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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