5 Tips When Shopping for Office Space in 2017

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Looking for a new office space is an exciting move, but there are lots of factors to consider before diving into a new lease. Whether you’re looking for a trendy open-concept office for your tech startup or simply need a place to hold occasional client meetings, read on to learn some of the most important factors to consider when looking for office space in 2017.

#1. Decide what type of space you need.

The type of office space you need often depends on the type of business you’re in, the number of staff people you have, and how often you meet with current and potential clients. Take some time to consider how you will use the office space so you can select the right type. For example, a company that thrives on collaboration may want an open-concept office, while a company that drives business via sales calls may want individual offices for their sales associates.

#2. Compose a list of your wants and needs.

Everyone has a long list of requirements for their dream office space, but consider ranking your wants and needs in order of priority. You might not be able to find an office that checks all of your boxes, but it is definitely possible to find one that covers all of the most important bullet points.

#3. Decide on an area.

Think about where the majority of your team resides. Your office space needs to be close enough for all of your team members to commute to. If you are planning to expand or hire more talent, consider areas where your potential talent might live and choose an office space near those areas. Your selected neighborhood can also lend credibility to your business. The same applies for your customer base. Where are they located? Is the office easy for them to access?

#4. Rethink Amenities

Another factor to consider when choosing a location for your office space is the other, nearby amenities. Many employees will want to grab a coffee on their way into work or stop for dinner after the work day is over, so try to choose a relatively central location with plenty of nearby shops and restaurants.

Also consider what other establishments you might need to visit frequently. It is nice to be near a branch of whatever bank you choose to do business with, particularly if you foresee a need to make a lot of daytime transactions. Other considerations include popular meeting places or event halls that your group will often need to visit.

#5. Figure out your budget ahead of time.

Before you even start looking at office space, decided on your ideal price range as well as the absolute maximum you are willing to pay. Having a firm budget in mind before you start looking will help you stay within a realistic price range and keep you from falling in love with an office space that will ultimately be unattainable.

Make sure that you budget for utilities and other overhead costs in addition to the rental amount. Also make sure your company has enough of a profit margin to weather any unexpected expenses that pop during or after your relocation. Once you have an idea of the total costs you will be responsible for as spelled out in the lease, you will be ready to commit.

Consider all Alternatives

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