5 Reasons Technology is Changing the Way We Work

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Technology has certainly altered the way we lives our lives – specifically in the workplace. The traditional office environment of yesterday is not the rapid technologically driven office we know today. Because of technology, employees can work from virtually anywhere and can interact with a global market among other things.

Here are five reasons technology is changing the way we work.

More Collaboration

Technology heightens communication levels in the office. Now employees don’t have to pick up the phone or write out an email – they can chat with a person and get an instant response through apps like Lync and Communicator. With this increase in communication, collaboration is easier and more natural. Technology allows employees to get in touch with anyone, at any time from anywhere.

Better Cost Management

Every business’ goal is to increase revenue. Innovative technological equipment and software in the office scene now allows businesses to be healthier financially. Employees can optimize their time and become more productive, making businesses more profitable. Streamlining your business processes by using technology allows employees to get more done, faster and at a smaller cost.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Technology now assists workers with their everyday tasks, making more time for them to place emphasis on their important projects. Time management is now optimized and employees are more connected. With technology that can forward your work calls to your personal cell, we are more mobile than ever before, making us more productive and efficient than ever before. Clients and co-workers have a higher expectation because of technology and results are expected much faster, so utilizing apps and programs that make our work days more efficient and easier are crucial.

Higher Security

Technology prevents people from accessing information they shouldn’t access and keeps company information safe. A company’s security can be put at risk without the proper technology and software to protect it. Innovative technology can protect businesses from a security hack and help them bounce back faster if data is lost or stolen.

Virtual Office Space

Technology now allows businesses to have a virtual office space. For example, Emerge212 offers companies the coveted New York City 212 area code, while still allowing them to be mobile and financially healthy. If your business always has you traveling or you work from a home office, a virtual office space can allow your company to have an office number, an address, and pay-as-you-go conference rooms and office suites available when needed. Virtual office spaces give companies the support of having an address attached to their business, without having to compromise on flexibility or mobility.

As the workplace continues to evolve with technology, companies will continue to adapt. With the implementation of technology, components of your business can be streamlined and protected. It is clear that technology has had a great impact on the traditional workplace, from changing how we communicate to increasing company security. Technology affords employees a better work-life integration and gives the mobility and flexibility that they crave.

How has technology changed the way you work?

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