4 Office Trends Inspired by Millennials

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Millennials seem to have an impact on everything, mainly because they make up over a quarter of the population of America and they are the largest generation in the workforce. Millennials’ lifestyles revolve around the live-work-play mentality and that has greatly affected the way offices operate today.

Let’s take a look at 4 office trends inspired by millennials.

#1. Telecommunication

When you think of a millennial-centric workplace, telecommunication often comes to mind. Telecommunication is not taking place of physical presence in the office, but it is a perk that millennials appreciate. Offices are now adapting to this trend – rather than flying to San Francisco to meet a client, now professionals are meeting over Skype.

Businesses are creating conference rooms in large open offices to hold these remote-conference meetings and employees have the same software on their laptops for daily interactions.

#2. Open Office Spaces

Millennials love the open office concept. The private corner offices and cubicles are being replaced with open and collaborative office spaces. Coworking spaces are also making headway all over the United States. This transition from less privacy to more collaboration is happening in top companies, because it creates an environment that employees thrive in, fostering teamwork, innovation and more interaction.

The open office concept also cuts costs. Having the top executives work in the same space as the marketing team and sales teams, creates an open line of communication that is not intimidating.

#3. Work-life Integration

In the past, it’s been about maintaining a good work-life balance, but now once we leave work we are accessible via email, text and calls. Millennials love flexibility and mobility, making many businesses focus on a better work-life integration, rather than a work-life balance. By implementing nap pods, gourmet meals and massages into the office setting, employees can integrate their lives into their workday easier.

#4. Fun

Millennials want a work environment that is fun and they are changing the office layout to make it happen. Today, you may find a basketball hoop in the parking lot, a happy hour every Thursday, and even a beer cart that roams the office on Friday afternoons. This is one of the most important factors in achieving that work-life integration. Not only is having a workplace that offers these things more fun, but it also makes employees more productive and innovative.

Putting it into Perspective

Millennials are certainly changing the way we work with these four office trends. This generation doesn’t want to be tied down to a cubicle, but rather wants the freedom to work from a coworking space, or a large conference room, or even from home.  Young professionals want communication lines open across all levels of employees.

As a technology driven generation, Millennials want to utilize their phones, tablets, and laptops to be able to work from anywhere and meet with anyone. As more and more millennials enter the workforce, we are sure to see even more office trends being initiated into the office environment.

What millennial trends have you seen in your office and what are your thoughts on them?


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