Building Company Culture, One Office at a Time

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Company culture is important and it begins with your physical workspace. Start-up companies along with millennials are putting a strong emphasis on an enjoyable and collaborative work environment, causing many companies to examine their company cultures closely.

There are plenty of factors that influence a company’s culture, but a very large part of it is the layout and design of the office. How your office is created and the atmosphere within the office will play a large part in how your company culture will be.

Goodbye Corner Offices

Start-ups are implementing their CEOs into the mix with all employees to break down the barrier. By having their station be among the employees rather than in a private corner office, they are creating open office layouts with no doors and more collaboration. This setup opens communication across all levels of employees and eliminates any intimidation or difficulty when it comes to communication with higher executives. Companies know that by having management exist in the same area as the rest of the company, an environment of openness and trust is created.

Another reason corner offices are no longer being implemented into workspaces is to give executives a true perspective on how the business runs from day to day. With this extra knowledge and insight, leaders are better prepared, more connected and can solve problems quickly. The key is to ensure that leaders are not micromanaging employees, but merely working alongside them.

Physical Disorganization = Actual Disorganization

You want to give employees a space that they can feel comfortable in to do their work to the best of their ability. An office environment that has disorganized seating and desks, excess trash, and clutter can make employees feel unmotivated and unproductive. Clean workplaces make people feel better and more energized and encourages productivity. Put processes in place to keep the office organized and clean – this will have a huge impact on your office culture.

Close Seating Means More Collaboration

In the traditional office environment, departments are separated. This type of setup may seem organized and clean, but in reality you are sectioning off groups that should be working together for a more unified culture. For example, marketing departments often deal with employees, clients and customer service situations. By blending the departments together in an open office environment, you encourage growth and collaboration.

Allow Flexibility

Business is more mobile now than ever before. Let your employees enjoy that flexibility by allowing them to work from home one or two days a week. Giving them that freedom will make them more satisfied with their job, more productive and creates a company culture that extends beyond the walls of your physical office.

Having a fun, enjoyable and collaborative physical office can boost employee moral and keep your company growing and learning. The more connected your employees are, the more successful your company will be and it all starts with an office space that your employees love and want to work in.


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