6 Tips for Planning an Epic Holiday Office Party

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The holiday season is just around the corner —and that means office parties. While they can certainly be memorable and are a great way to boost morale, they can also be pretty boring and not well attended if not executed properly.

If you’ve been assigned as the office holiday party coordinator, never fear. We’ve created this list of must-do tips for planning an epic holiday party that your colleagues will actually want to attend!

Step #1: Give Notice

Make sure you pick a convenient date and location early on so that your co-workers have plenty of time to plan ahead. The holidays are filled with responsibilities —family visits, school performances, holiday shopping, and more— when you give plenty of notice, you’re increasing the chances your guests are able to attend.

Step #2: Keep it Non-Denominational

To ensure that all of your coworkers feel equally welcome and comfortable at the party, avoid themes, decorations or food and drink that may favor one religious tradition over the other. One way to achieve this is to select a theme that is centered on the time of year, rather than a specific holiday.

Step #3: Think Outside the Box

As you consider themes and plans for your holiday party, think outside the box. Rather than having an evening event with food, drinks and a band, maybe you host a daytime event at the local museum or zoo. Perhaps your entire office volunteers at the local food bank or animal shelter. There are a number of ways to get your coworkers together, celebrate the holidays, and build camaraderie.

Step #4: Have Fun

Whether you stick with a more traditional holiday party or spend the afternoon bowling with your coworkers over beers —make sure the event focuses around having fun, boosting morale, and team building.

Step #5: Give Clear Instructions

From ensuring your coworkers and guest know the suggested attire to letting them know the type of food (hors d’oeuvres vs. a full meal) will be served, great communication will help your party go off without a hitch.

Step #6: Take a Break

Nothing is worse than having a great time at the Wednesday night office party and then having to show up at 8am the next morning. Consider a late morning start the following day, or make sure your party is on a night when a bright and early start the following day is not required.

What’s the most epic office party you’ve ever attended? And, why did it resonate with you? Share your favorite tips on our Facebook page.

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